Project Site
Pader District


Investment Promoter

Name: Kara Komuhangi
Telephone: +256-414-301101
Company: Uganda Investment Authority

Project Contact

Andrew Mugerwa
+256-414 250 204
Uganda Development Cooperation

Project Description

Cassava is among the 12 commodities prioritized for establishment and strengthening of regional agricultural processing and marketing under the Agro-industrialization of NDP III;

Proposed Capacity
a) 400 tons/day of fresh cassava to produce 100 tons/day of starch
b) 593 tons/day of fresh cassava or 210 tons/day of maize sorghum grain to produce 80,000 L/day of ethanol

Main raw materials required:
a) Grain: Starch content: 60% w/w (minimum) & up-to 68% or more w/w Starch.
b) Fresh Cassava with starch content varying from 20 to 25% or more

Investment Amount Required (US$)

USD $12.5 Million
Financing Equity and Debt

Type of Project & Investment
Project Type: Greenfield
Investment Type: PPP
Feasibility Completed